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Sometimes, photography is used as humor as well as sending a message. In this image, made to look like a magazine cover, Obama is seen talking on the phone but it’s turned so he’s talking into the ear piece. The original intent of the image was supposed to be a file photo for official use. … Continue reading

Political Use of Photography

Photography for political purposes. This “Demotivational” poster is a counter to the current political climate. Barrack Obama ran on a theme of hope and change and some people aren’t happy with the change that hope brought. Photography is used to protest or support political and social causes regularly.

The Sharpshooter

We’ve all seen them. Those motivational posters that are supposed to be encouraging and are usually hanging at your workplace or in office buildings. There is a new medium for taking this style and making “Demotivational” posters. Usually they are funny. Sometimes they just make you say,”Wow!!” Kind of like this one.

Slavery: A Family Affair

Three generations of slavery. I hope that these folks were around when slavery ended. Slavery is a sad fact of history. The US is not the only nation that exercised slavery. Most Middle Eastern nations still has slaves and it’s sanctioned by religion and law. We have gone from a slave country to a beacon … Continue reading

Black History Month: A Look At Slavery

This unidentified slaves bears the marks of his injustice. I hear people talk about how good slaves were treated and then find images like these. Slavery in the United States is a contradiction in and if itself. The founding documents stated that “all men are created equal and endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable … Continue reading

Monument to the Underground Railroad

Location:Lewiston, NY, United States

War Photography

Photography can change people, governments and in some cases, the world. This image is credited for ending public support in the US for its participation in the Vietnam War. Reportedly, these people were running from a napalm attack. The nude girl supposedly had her clothing burned off. This picture has two points of focus. The … Continue reading

Children of the Depression Era

Children of the Depression Era were not safe. On a whim, shady characters posing as Reverends and medical professionals deemed parents unfit or otherwise undeserving to raise their children. They would kidnap kids from poor working families and through an elaborate adoption scheme, they would ‘sell’ children to the privileged few. Parents would usually be … Continue reading

US Civil War

Gettysburg, PA – The war came to Gettysburg and more Americans died in this battle than in almost any war or battle since. Brother against Brother, families were destroyed in this war as individuals took sides. Some were educated on the issues, some brainwashed and some just joined the fray for the sake of fighting. … Continue reading

Grapes of Wrath III

Another photograph by Dorothea Lange. This is a poignant look at the effects of the Great Depression. Minorities were effected by this time in our history more than people realize. When migrants showed up at the farms, white migrants were usually chosen first. Only when the crops still needed picking and the white migrant workers … Continue reading

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